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New prospects interested in playing in TSL are required to participate in one of our Official TSL tryouts.


Note: A player who was on an active roster during TSL's fall 2020 season is not required to participate in a tryout.

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Tryout Information


Defense Start Time

Admissions / Warm ups / Tests / Drills Start 7:00am - 12:00pm


40yd Dash 3 Cone Broad Jump Height, Weight, Arm, Hand

Position Drills

QB: Drop and Throw, Pocket Move-Escape, Throws to Wide Receivers RB/FB: Off Tackle React, COD Pitch, Pass routes OL: COD Wave, Long Pull, Short Pull Power, Pro Pass Mirror, Pass Rush DB: BP Turn/Catch, W Drill, BP Weave Catch, BP Break Catch, BP G-Turn-Catch LB: 4 Bag Agility, Wave Drill, 45 Degree Drop and Catch, Pass Rush, 90 Degree Catch DL: Punch Hand Shiver, Body Control, 4 bag COD, Pass Rush WR: 3-Step Slant, 10 Yd. Speed Cut, 15 Yd. Dig, Post Corner, Go, Deep Over Shoulder, Sideline Tap TE: 3 Yd. Arrow, 10 Yd. Control / Cut, 12 Yd. Corner, Wheel, Seam Long Snap: 7 Yard Snap 6 attempts, timed. 15 Yard Snap 6 attempts, timed

Offense Start Time

Admissions / Warm ups / Tests / Drills Start 12:30pm - 5:30pm


$195 - Registration Fee $10 - Tests and Drills Instructional Manual


*Three (3) Calendar years have elapsed from the date of a players high school graduation. *No more than three years have elapsed since a players last collegiate or professional game.

Limited Space

Tryouts will have limited space. Athletes are encouraged to register as soon as possible to ensure they are able to try out.

Refund Policy

Player registration fee is non-refundable. Exceptions to this policy are as follows: 1. Players not accepted into The Spring League Tryout will receive a 100% refund of their registration fee. 2. Players who are drafted or signed by the NFL or CFL prior to their tryout have the option to cancel their registration and receive a 100% refund. A copy of the signed contract must be submitted with their refund request one week prior to the date of their tryout. 3. Players who have sustained a disabling injury and provide TSL documentation of their injury from their Doctor or team physician will also receive a 100% refund. Tryout location Transfer Policy A $35 administrative fee will be assessed to any player who wishes to transfer from one tryout to another. NO EXCEPTIONS Tryouts are held rain or shine. In the case of lightning, the tryout is paused until lightning is over 5 miles from the location.


Tryouts are held rain or shine. In the case of lightning, the tryout is paused until lightning is over 5 miles from the tryout location.

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Springhill Suites Houston Downtown

914 Dallas St

Houston, TX, 77002


Free Breakfast

Free parking (1 car per night)


Per Night

Booking Deadline: March 17, 2021



Springhill Suites

Detroit Wixom

49097 Alpha Drive

Wixom, Michigan, 48393


Free Breakfast

Free Parking


Per Night

Booking Deadline: March 26, 2021

Athletes are not required to stay in hotel

Registration Closing on Saturday April 10th

Note: Registration will close early if tryout sells out